Creative Journeys for Women

I'll meet you under the stars

when all the chances

of the day are exhausted

and you are no longer hurrying.

I'll meet you under the stars

when you sit still


the ancient stirrings

of your heart.

Laughing, crying

giving thanks.

Hello and Welcome.

I am Francesca Aniballi, PhD,

Creative Facilitator and Writer.

I help women to become self-expressed through empowering creative practices and activities.

My approach to creative facilitation is a unique blend of my experiences, studies, insights, and it springs from deep listening to myself and to you.

Creativity and Story hold magic. They have the potential to bring about healing, empowerment and reconnection to our inner selves, one another and to our common home: the Earth.

Soon you will find

what spoke to you once

no longer does.

Or it does, with new

unstoppable power.

Either way,

courage will open

your path.

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I am available for online individual sessions and small group workshops. To discuss your needs, ask for details and costs, or set up a free introductory call, write your request in the contact form below. I will answer you back within 24 hours.

You are on the Brink of Transformation

I can draw your attention to the whisperings you can't utter, yet.

If you desire to explore, know and express the longings of your soul, let us talk.

"Il Pianeta Azzurro" is our Earth, Gaia, The Blue Planet.

She lives and breathes all around and inside us.

Creativity is the language of inspiration, imagination and intuition; it is the language of our innermost Selves in relationship with the Cosmos.

Through online facilitation in expressive and creative writing, intuitive art-making, story-telling, poetry readings and meditations, voice work and gentle movement practice, I can guide you on unique journeys, designed to ignite your enthusiasm, clarify your ideas, refresh your perception, reconnect you with your body and its delight, restore your joy and your confidence to take inspired action.

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